World's best new casinos

All over the world, because of the popularity of casinos and gambling hundreds of new casinos are being built or have already opened up in plenty of locations. The gambling capital of the World, Las Vegas is again leading on this front. Since the city attracts millions of visitors each year because of their casinos, several new projects are in the pipeline.

The new CityCenter resort and casino will be located on the Las Vegas Strip between the Bellagio and Monte Carlo. It is also the most expensive and the largest of all private constructions in the entire world. The cost of the hotel would be around $9 billion and it would take around six years for completion, the date is 2011. The project is owned by the famous MGM Grand.

In Las Vegas again the Echelon Place is also in the pipeline with its $4.4 billion estimate. The date for opening of this resort and casino is also in 2011. The Fountainbleau Casino is also a mammoth project featuring a 63 story building with more than 3800 rooms and a giant casino. The casino is located on Las Vegas strip close to Sahara Casino and is owned by the legendary El Ranch Casino. Another important casino in Las Vegas would be the New York Plaza. The resort and casino would be spread over an area of 34 acres and would be opened some time in 2011, though it is still quite doubtful.

Macau, which is the gambling capital of the East in China also is home to dozens of famous world casinos which have recently opened up in the past year and plenty more which are still in the process of opening their doors to the gamblers and players from all parts of the world. The Venetian Casino and resort is one such casino which had been opened up in 2008 and had been home to Cirque du Soleil. The Venetian Macau is today one of the most popular casinos in Macau and the first one to open up on the Cotai Strip which is hoping to be the rival of Las Vegas Strip soon enough.

The Venetian today is on the list of every tourist who visits Macau. Even in other parts of the world like on the Caribbean islands, Australia and several other places with world's biggest casinos dozens and dozens of new casinos and mega resorts are opening up their doors to players in hopes of wooing them and luring them with the thousands of glimmering new slot machines and rows and rows of gaming tables.