Take a step out of the comfort zone and try some new games

Choosing an online casino game can be difficult as you wade through the hundreds available looking for the perfect one that suits you.

For many gamers, when they find the slots, cards or arcades for them they stick with it and forget about the others.

Well, if you’ve been on one game for too long maybe it’s time to branch out a little and see what the casino online world has to offer.

There are scores of games that very few people play, not necessarily because they’re bad but because many just don’t understand what they are. Of course when you first join the casino community you want to play the big games such as poker and blackjack, but there are new challenges if you want to find them.

Take Wild Viking as an example. The game is a hybrid of roulette and poker that is both fun to play and offers huge potential jackpots. The rules are fairly simple: you bet on the outcome of five cards that the dealer reveals, with poker and roulette bets available on the table.

Poker bets include all the main hands, from an evens-bet pair of sixes to an 90/1 flush up to 280/1 four of a kind. Knowing the rules of poker is great for understanding the odds, while roulette knowledge helps on the other bets.

The roulette arm of casino online Wild Viking game is dictated by the last card of the five dealt. You can bet on this card to be a particular one in the deck, odd, even, black, red, a certain suit or between a number range.

There is a whole wealth of bets to place and also a progressive jackpot to win. This is when part of your stake goes into the progressive jackpot total and, should you hit a Wild Viking royal flush, you’re in for a huge windfall.

The royal flush slightly differs from normal poker in that you need two jokers (there are two with a pack of 52) and three cards from 10 to Ace. It has been won before and will be won again, so why not try your hand at something new in the online casino today?