Slot machines

Today, the slot machines attract probably the largest crowds of players in the casinos. Since the original machines had been first introduced, quite a lot of things have changed and the machines themselves have undergone a lot of change.

History of slot machines

It is believed that the first slot machine had been invented in 1887 by Charles Fei in San Francisco. There were three spinning reels, much like modern day slot machines and five types of symbols. Even then, the main goal of players was to match the symbols by spinning these reels.

Later on several other versions of slot machines had been developed. Among these was one which was invented in New York in 1891. This newer version of slot machines had 5 different drums which had some elements borrowed from poker. There was no proper payback system in these earlier machines and the prizes that were won by the players were usually decided by the owner of the place where the machine was. Slot machines gained much popularity in a very short amount of time. The prizes distributed were very nominal but the machines still continued to attract players.

In the later years, there had been a very strong movement against gambling and liquor and slot machines too suffered during the time along with other types of gambling games. Later on during the 70s, the electronic slot machines were invented. In the earlier versions of slot machines, cheating was quite common. However, with the newly designed machines, cheating became very difficult for the players.

Since then, slot machines have come a long way. Since the time that the first mechanical slot machines were introduced, the machines that we see today in casinos are quite different. Over the years microchips were introduced in the machines. These machines made cheating very difficult for players, but there had been some random cases where players still tried to cheat at slot machines using different tactics.

Online slots evolution

A few years ago, online gaming grew and today the internet gaming industry is booming. Online slot machines made their way in the world and they have managed to hook in millions of players from all over the world. Today, players can even play on slot machines on their cell phones whenever they want.

In online slot machines too, players have plenty of choices fin terms of the type of machine they want to play on, the jackpot ranges and other details. The basic rules of the game remain the same and for this reason people easily got hooked on. There are even various websites where players can play on slot machines without them having to spend a single penny. Whether it is for winning money or only for the fun, slot machines have remained popular ever since they were first introduced.