Roulette origin

Almost every movie that features a casino would also for sure show a roulette wheel since the game itself evokes a glamorous image. In French, "roulette" actually means little wheel which is why most scholars believe that the game might have originated in France.

Though for most other casino games the history and origin is generally not very clear, in case of roulette France is considered to be the actual origin point of the game. It is believed that in the 17th century, roulette was first introduced in France and the man responsible for inventing it was Blaise Pascal who was a mathematician.

It was in the 19th century that the single zero roulette had been introduced by Louis Blanc and Francois. Gambling had been illegal in France at the time and so it had officially been introduced in Germany. The first casinos in Monte Carlo had roulette wheels in them and Francois Blanc was the one who bought the game to Monte Carlo.

In United States, the game was introduced only in the 19th century in the beginning of the century. And it was then that the American Roulette had been born. Another zero was then added in order to increase the odds of the house. From there, roulette reached out to several other countries in Europe and in US, the game continued to be one of the most popular games in the casino.

How to play?

The game itself is quite simple, there are no advanced strategies involved in the game. However, the player needs to carefully place the bets. While the wheel is spinning the ball will automatically rest on any number and the game is mainly chance based. In Europe, the roulette wheels have only one zero and in US the wheel has double zero.

Is cheating possible?

Though it is almost impossible to beat the casino at the roulette table or to cheat in any way like in card games as blackjack, poker, baccarat, players do try several new tricks every now and then since the excitement or thrill of roulette is irresistible. Players even try several different strategies. Some bet only on the red while others have their own betting theories that they believe would win them money at roulette.

Many players have also tried several different techniques in order to cheat at roulette. The pastposting technique for cheating had been quite commonly used at roulette tables over the years and many well known casino cheaters had also managed to make millions of dollars cheating at roulette tables. However, in the recent years it has become quite difficult to cheat at casinos since most casinos today have stricter rules and make use of different types of advanced technology in order to detect cheating players.