Evolution of online slots

Slot machines had been invented back in the 19th century and they immediately became famous. However, online casinos and slots came much later. Only when the random number generator was introduced did the online slots first originated.

Online slots mechanism

With random number generator, the way the reels moved could the easily simulated because of which the physical machine itself was not needed. The earliest online slots used the same formula and format that had been used in casino based slot machines. There were three reels in all in the online slots. However, the possibilities were limited.

Online slots changes while developing

The reels were later changed from three to five which changed the game quite a lot. Now almost all the online casinos have slot machines with five reels. Some of the more advanced casinos even have more than five reels. Over the years several other changes were also introduced in online slots like the number of playlines had been increased and there was greater flexibility in terms of the denomination of the coins.

With the increase in the number of players that play online slots, the websites and online casinos also made a lot of changes to the special effects and the quality of the visuals and the audio that they use. This also had quite a positive effect on the players and made the online slots more attractive to players. There are several different types of jackpot networks that exist today; some of them offer quite a huge payout.

In online casinos, the slot machines often have various bonus games and free spins that are offered to players which allow them a few number of spins free of charge. The payouts on these spins are also higher than the normal spins. All of these freebies and changes that have been introduced in online slots have managed to rope in millions of players from all over the world.

Whether it is in real casinos or online, slot machines have always managed to interest people. Even in land based casinos, the slot machines have come a long way. Almost in each casino today, the slots work on random number generators and on vide slots. There are several manufacturers who are known for manufacturing the most high tech slot machines which change the entire experience of playing slots.

Because of all of these changes, online slots have evolved in quite a major way since they had been first introduced in the online casinos. This is still the growth stage for online slots and plenty of more changes would still be introduced in the coming years.