History of online poker

For centuries now, poker has been a very popular game in all parts of the world. The game is challenging, involves a lot of practice and skills for someone to win at the game, which is why it has managed to keep players interested for decades. Before online poker was ever introduced, the casinos were packed with players trying their hand at the poker table.

Online poker evolution

Nobody would have ever thought that poker could be played for money from the comfort of their own home two decades back. Among the first ever online casinos to introduce an online poker room had been Planetpoker.com. The website introduced the online game in 1998 and offered a different venue to players for earning money through market. During the initial months, online poker faced quite a lot of problems since people did not have enough trust in websites when it came to trusting them with their money. The websites were baffled as to how to make people trust them.

The software used by poker websites were checked by gaming industries and only then were they allowed offering the game to players. However, even today players do not have enough trust in most online poker rooms and believe that several cheating scandals do exist.

The way people played their favorite game Texas Holdem changed in quite a big way once online poker had been introduced. Poker today on the internet is just as popular with players as real poker is. The biggest benefit of online poker rooms is that they allow players from all over the world to compete at the same table at any time of the day or night from the comfort of their own home. Though there are no physical opponents whose behavior can be assessed, in online poker too there are quite a lot of strategies which players can use to win.

Poker rooms and websites

In the 1990s the biggest challenge that websites faced was to get databases of customers to be able to start an online poker room. There still hadn't been enough awareness among players which slowed down the progress of internet poker. However, since then things have changed drastically. People are more comfortable with the internet and with computers and everything online have become popular, including online games like poker, baccarat, blackjack or online slots.

Other websites were soon introduced like PokerRoom and Party Poker towards the end of 90s and they became one of the most popular online poker rooms. Online poker is today the biggest phenomenon and millions of players all over the world are hooked on to the game. Today there are hundreds of different poker rooms and online poker websites which offer players choices among various virtual rooms.