Mega Resorts

Mega resorts are all inclusive destination resorts which are known to be exceptionally large in size and mostly contain several different large features within their complexes like large hotels, water parks or theme parks, golf course and casino. The casinos and resorts located on the Las Vegas Strip are thought to be mega resorts. This is mainly because of their sheer grand size and the number of attractions that they offer. However, except for Las Vegas there are plenty of other mega resorts throughout the world.

  • Walt Disney resort is a perfect example of a mega resort since they contain several different features and theme parks. The Atlantis on Paradise Island is another well known mega resort.
  • In Korea, the Cheju Grand casino and hotel is a mega resort. The casino of the resort offers plenty of different games like Tai Sai, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, poker and slots. Visitors include the local Koreans, Japanese as well as Europeans.
  • In Naama Bay, the Hilton Sharm Dreams has a five star resort with a casino located on a beach with lush gardens and plenty of attractions. The casino of the resort attracts quite a lot of visitors all over the world.
  • In Russia, the Casino Metropol is located in the large Metropol Hotel. The casino runs twenty four hours and has plenty of table games.
  • In Germany the Spielbank Berlin is a large mega resort which has a large casino spread out over three different floors. There are 250 different slot machines and different types of games like video poker, derby, bingo and other table games.
  • Australia is not far behind either when it comes to mega resorts. The Conrad Jupiter casino is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. The casino is known to be among the best in the southern hemisphere, and for good reason too. The casino is spread over an area of 65,000 square feet with different betting floors. There are 70 different table games and 1400 slot machines which offer blissful gambling options to players from all over the world.
  • In Europe, the most prestigious resort and casino is located in Greece. In Thessaloniki, the Regency casino is the place to go since it is located at a breathtaking location. The casino itself is located quite close to the island's mountains and offers plenty of different gaming options to visitors.
  • In New Zealand, the Sky City casino in Auckland is situated right in the center of the city. The casino can be easily spotted since it is situated next to the well known Sky Tower which stands at 328 meters height. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Sky City casino is considered to be among the world's best casinos.