French roulette

Though in case of most other casino games the history and origin is generally not very clear, in case of roulette the origin of the game is quite known. France is considered to be the actual place where the famous game had originated and thus the name, French roulette. It is believed that in the 17th century, roulette had first been introduced in France and the man responsible for inventing this world famous game was Blaise Pascal who was a mathematician.

French roulette evolution

However, the modern day French Roulette came around later. In the 19th century the single zero roulette wheel had been introduced by French brothers Louis Blanc and Francois Blanc. Gambling had been illegal in France at the time and so it had officially been introduced in Germany first rather than in France.

History tends to get confusing a few years later, and the case is the same in case of French roulette. According to several players and scholars, roulette had first been invented in China and then later it had been brought over to France where they made a few changes to the game and named it French roulette.

When the French brothers introduced the modern day roulette in Germany and in France gambling had been illegal in both these countries. The brothers then took their invention to the casinos in Monte Carlo where it immediately became popular. It is also believed that the brothers contacted Prince Charles III from Monaco and along with him they built a very luxurious and grand casino in Monte Carlo.

This casino was called casino de Monte Carlo and had been designed with eye-popping luxury and pomp to attract the rich and famous from all over the world. The European wealthy crowd quickly took to the game. The game as had been introduced by the brothers was thus named French roulette and till date is remains to be very popular in all the casinos in Monte Carlo, France and in other parts of Europe.

French vs. American roulette

The main difference between American and French roulette is the wheel itself and the number of zeroes on it. In French roulette, the wheel has a single zero. With just one zero the house has an advantage of around 2.7% which is considered to be quite less. The Americans introduced a second zero in the wheel so they have a 0 as well as 00 on the wheel which gives the house an added advantage of around 5.3% which is quite high. The chips used in both types of roulette are also different. The chips used in French roulette are all of the same color which sometimes gets a little confusing for players.

French roulette was the original version of roulette while the American version of the game was introduced later. Both French and American roulettes are available at live casino in NZ with live dealers from Evolution and Pragmatic Play.