Craps origin

Like most casino games, the exact place of origin for craps is still quite unclear. Since ancient ages, almost as long back as the 600 BC, dice based games had always been used by people. These ancient games had been played in Egypt and several other places in the world. Many even believe that craps might have been first invented by the ancient Roman soldiers where they made dice like objects with the help of bones in order to play games with them.

An ancient game called hazard is believed to be the one which inspired the invention of craps. The name of the game itself is quite weird and it is rather unclear how and why the name had been given to the game. In the 12th century the game of hazard had been played in England. From there it is believed that it went to French where it might have received a change of name before it came to America.

The modern day version of craps as we know it today probably came about only when the game travelled to the United States. While it had been played in England and in other countries of Europe, it was in US that the game had been significantly changed.

How to play

Today craps can be found in almost all casinos and many find it to be one of the most interesting games in the casinos, comparing to roulette, blackjack, poker or baccarat. The game itself is not quite difficult, though many find it to be a little confusing. Players have to place a bet on a particular number before they throw the dice. The dice have to be rolled and thrown so that they bounce on a board and then stand still. The number combination on the dice would decide the winning numbers.

Craps superstitions

There have been several different beliefs and superstitions associated with craps. Many people believe that only those who are superstitious in nature would play carps. People even today have plenty of superstitions when they go to a casino to play crap. Many believe that women who are playing craps for the first time are lucky while men are unlucky.

Some even believe that while throwing, if the dice fall off the table it is a sign of bad luck. There are several numbers which are considered lucky and several which are considered to be unlucky. Some people even wear their lucky charms while they go to play while others believe that a particular dice is lucky or unlucky for them.

Whatever the superstitions are, one thing is quite clear. Craps does manage to attract plenty of professional as well as casual players because it is quite an exciting game.