Evolution of casino games

Gambling has always managed to excite people right from the ancient ages which is proved by the fact that every country and every culture had their own gambling games and chance games right from the ancient times. The gambling history and evolution of casino games is extremely interesting and fascinating.

Casinos origin

  • The first ever known casino was set up in Monaco and is still in use today. This casino had been set up first in 1861 and has been popular ever since then.
  • Gambling in the US had also been popular but it had been illegal for quite a long time. In 1600s for the first time, rules and laws were designed around gambling though various games had already been quite popular with the people by that time. It was only in 1931 when gambling had been declared legal in Nevada that things really changed.
  • The modern day card games developed along with the evolution of modern playing cards. In the 14th century the French adapted the first known modern cards, though plenty of other types of ancient cards were already in use in many countries by then. Playing cards had different court cards and were quite different than how we know them today. The French were the ones who came up with the suit system in cards that we still use today.

With the playing cards came the popular games of blackjack and poker. Blackjack originated from an ancient game known as Trente et Un from which came the Vingt et Un in France which means 21 and it was from this French game that blackjack was developed. Since then the game has always remained popular and every country has its own version of blackjack today.

  • In China too, card games had been popular since centuries. In fact, it is believed that China had been the first country where playing cards had first originated when a princess played a leaf game with her friends. The Chinese are known for the number games and from their ancient games came the games like Keno.
  • In ancient Rome too, games were quite popular. It is believed that Roman soldiers often played with dice which they made from animal games to pass time. In ancient Rome, gambling had been considered to be illegal but it had nevertheless been always popular. Betting on outcomes of different events has also always been popular in all cultures, in Eastern as well as Western countries.

Casino games have come a long way, though the roots of most card games still belong to ancient games of some sort. Over the years people have adapted to the games and have also changed and tweaked the rules to suit their comfort level.